Acid Etching

Acid Etching




Acid etching is a five-step process. Itís a type of material that has interior and exterior uses. Acid etching is less expensive than acid staining as far as materials and labor. There are many colors to choose from in acid etching, some are opaque and some are transparent. Custom Made Tile and Stone, LLC can mix colors and mediums to create acid etching that looks like acid staining. Usually acid etching has a matte finish, however I can apply a glossy finish. This can be applied over resurfaced concrete or on plain concrete.






This acid etch is done on an exterior surface that is an entry way to a home. Itís a transparent stain, you can tell because of the color gradations. The finish on this acid stain is matte. As you can see by the picture, we take all the precautions to do prep work so we donít get the stain anywhere other than where we are etching.





This is the same acid etching as pictured above, but you can see what a difference the lighting makes. The previous photo is taken under sunny conditions while this one is in the shade. Notice the variety of colors produced by a single acid etch.





This photo shows a slab of plain concrete next to slabs of acid etched concrete. Notice the warmth and character of the acid etched concrete. The acid etched concrete also compliments the surrounding landscaping.





This is an acid etched driveway. If you look closely, then you will see that I had to repair some cracks in the original concrete before etching it. This acid etch consists of a single opaque color with a matte finish. Notice the difference the lighting makes in how the acid etched concrete appears lighter in the sun and darker in the shade.





This is a photo of the same stain seen above, I just took the picture later in the evening. Notice the color of the acid etching in this light.





This is an acid etched floor. I used a single opaque color. The lines you see in the concrete were pre-existing, but I can design something very similar at a customerís request. Notice the precise quality of the work around the areas that were not stained.





This is the same acid etch as in the photo above. I chose this picture to demonstrate how acid etching can compliment the surrounding structure and landscaping. Acid etching comes in a wide variety of colors that will go with many color schemes.


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